Greg's Notes

Bringing the Gospel Back Home

When Jesus sent out the disciples, He told them that the power of the Holy Spirit would come upon them and that they would be His witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Each of these places denoted an expanding geographical region. But sometimes, it’s good to pull back and focus again on the center of that circle—to bring the gospel back home.

What are some ways that you can bring the gospel home?

Practical Principles

  1. Become an integral part of your home church. Get involved in small groups and Bible studies and ways to serve others.
  2. Reach out with the gospel. Get involved in community projects and street witnessing. Share your faith with the people in your neighborhood.
  3. Don’t be a Christian “hoarder.” If all you do is take in and never give out, spiritually speaking, you are no better than a hoarder of God’s blessings, and like hoarders of physical possessions, it becomes unhealthy.
  4. Live a life that pleases God and is an example to those around you. God has justified us and in light of that we should want to live a life that honors Him. Work out your salvation!

Relevant Reminders

  • Church is like a family. When you get together with your family for a meal, you don’t just show up right when the meal starts and then leave right when it ends. You hang out. You catch up. You talk. You spend time together. Do the same thing at church.
  • The church exists for the glorification of God, the edification of the saints, and the evangelization of the world.
  • Jesus did not say the whole world should go to church, but He did say the church should go to the whole world.

Applicable Actions

If you have been living a mediocre, in-between, tepid sort of life, there’s no time like now for recommitting your life to Christ and living for Him. Let’s make this year the year that you bring the gospel home and start living for Jesus on a level that you never have before.