“Believing Is Seeing” with Pastor Greg Laurie

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When you partner with Harvest Ministries, you help us deliver the life-transforming gospel message into new places through media, live events, and powerful films. In the coming months, we have bold plans to present the gospel in unique ways in places and venues we’ve never been. Let’s see what the Lord will do!

Partners for the gospel

In addition to supporting Harvest Ministries, our Harvest Partners are friends who understand the urgency, relevance, and the power of the gospel message. Harvest Partners have their pulse on what’s going on at Harvest Ministries and receive regular updates and stories about the impact they’ve made around the world for Christ.

Partners for your growth

When you become a Harvest Partner, you will receive a welcome package of excellent materials designed to help you grow and mature in your walk with Christ. In addition, you will regularly receive updates with the very best resources Harvest Ministries has to offer. This is our commitment to your spiritual growth.

“We have been Harvest Partners for about a year now and are so thankful we can share in your ministry . . . . I love that you give an invitation to accept Jesus at the end of every message . . . . I'm so thankful so many people come to saving faith each week.”
“[M]y life was changed by listening to your radio program . . . . Thanks to your program and thanks be to God for calling on our hearts. I still listen everyday and watch online every Thursday and Sunday. Needless to say, I am a long time Harvest Partner.”
“Thank you for bringing a light and a hope into my life and helping me to be a mother to my children when I had lost all hope . . . . I have been a monthly supporter for a long long time and will continue to do so.”
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