Why Did Jesus Come?

When Adam sinned in the garden, he forfeited paradise and this world to Satan, who became the god of this world (Ephesians 2:2). Satan received dominion over the planet and filled it with gross perversions. He is primarily responsible for the injustice, the violence, and the rebellion against God. He has infiltrated politics, the media, and even religion through the hearts of evil people.

When sin entered the world, God in His holiness could no longer fellowship with His creation. But God made provision for His beloved children. He sent Jesus to reverse the effects of humankind’s sinful choice, and restore humankind to relationship with God. Jesus came to purchase back that which was forfeited in the garden. He came to bridge the gap between the holy God and sinful man (Matthew 20:28; Revelation 5:2, 6–13; John 3:16).

For this reason, all attempts to reform this world, culture, and society through education, politics, and economics are futile. The only change that can have any effect is a change of heart brought about by God when one follows Jesus Christ.

It is not true that “all truth is God’s truth,” because much of what we call “truth” is not God’s truth.

Satan, in his temptation, offered Jesus an opportunity to bypass the cross and still possess the earth. That is precisely why Jesus responded to him so sharply. Satan could not offer Jesus the true deed to the earth. Only the “Lamb who had been slain” would be worthy to claim lordship. The crucifixion was not a rude interruption to the otherwise wonderful life of a great humanitarian or moral teacher. It was Jesus’ goal and destination from the very beginning of time.

Jesus spoke of the cross frequently and even gave vivid detail of His impending death. He knew exactly what was about to happen in His life. Yet Jesus resisted the temptation and chose to go to the cross in our place. This was Christ’s act of love (John 2:19–23; Mark 10:32–34). God’s just nature required that the penalty due to us for our sins would be paid. At the cross of Calvary, God’s justice and love met (Romans 3:25–26).

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