The Devil Is Not Equal to God

In the section, “Who Is God,” we noted that God had several divine attributes: He is omnipotent (all-powerful); He is omniscient (all-knowing); and He is omnipresent (present everywhere). Satan possesses none of these attributes.

Satan is not omnipotent.

He has great power—more than any man and most angels—but he is not anywhere near the equal of our God. As mentioned, he must seek God’s permission before he can even do certain things.

Satan is not omniscient.

He has a powerful intellect and knows many things from experience (far more than people), but only God is all-knowing.

He is not omnipresent.

Satan is an individual personality, so he can be in only one place at a time (as seen in Job 1:7). So when we say that the devil is personally tempting us, more than likely it is his power working through his network of demons.

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