The Consequences of Sin

Certainly some sins have more harmful consequences than others. Stealing or murder could lead to prison time or capital punishment, and adultery could lead to disease, an out-of-wedlock birth, and a broken home.

Take a long look in God’s moral mirror.

Read Romans 3:19–26. God’s laws were not given to us to make us righteous, but to show us that beyond a shadow of a doubt we are all sinners. Essentially, when we look at all the requirements of the law, we can no longer claim to be moral or righteous. It makes us stop claiming to be what we are not (verse 19).

The law is like a moral mirror, giving us the knowledge of our sin (verse 20). It shows us the full reflection of our guilt.

  • It condemns, but does not convert.
  • It challenges, but does not change.
  • It accuses, but does not give mercy.

The law is a preparation for the gospel, which is God’s provision. Once the law reveals these sins in our character, conduct, and conversation, we discover that we must stop looking within ourselves for the answers and resources we need. Instead, we must turn in absolute weakness and helplessness to God. Galatians 3:24 compares the law to a schoolmaster who drives us to Christ.

You can’t accept God’s remedy for your sin if you don’t first accept His diagnosis. This Scripture passage (Romans 3:19–26) and others make it clear that there is indeed a way to God, but it is impossible to achieve it on our own. We do not deserve it. We can only receive it by accepting God’s gift of salvation through the death of His Son, Jesus.

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