How to Get a New Husband

Madison Avenue discovered long ago that three words can help to sell a product: “new and improved.” There is something in us that wants the newest, the finest, the fastest and the latest model of anything.

Unfortunately, this line of thinking has entered the realm of marriage as well. On your wedding day, you meant every word of your vows, and that person was the love of your life. You vowed to be the best husband that ever was. You would dedicate your life to making this person happy. But you neglected the maintenance of your marriage. You didn’t keep it tuned up. It began looking more like a junker than that new model that caught your eye—that sensitive guy who actually listened to what you had to say, or that young girl who thinks that you have hung the moon. So you decide to trade in the old model for the new one. That is not the way it has to be.

Wives, here is how to get a new husband. I do not mean leaving him for another man, but helping him become a new man!

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