Evangelism Begins with You

When the subject of sharing our faith comes up, we often come up with a long list of excuses for why we cannot do it. A recent survey among Christians revealed that 95% of those surveyed had never led another person to Jesus Christ.

Why are so many of us reluctant to share our faith? The reason many of us rarely share our faith is because we do not want to. And the reason we do not want to is because (if we are completely honest) we do not care.

We hear so much about the need for evangelism. We have sermons on how to do it and programs designed to mobilize the church in this area. Yet, all this is of no consequence if we are lacking one simple basic: a burden and concern for the lost.

The famous preacher C.H. Spurgeon said, “The Holy Spirit will move them by first moving you. If you can rest without their being saved, they will rest, too. But if you are filled with an agony for them, if you cannot bear that they should be lost, you will soon find that they are uneasy, too. I hope you will get into such a state that you will dream about your child or your hearer perishing for lack of Christ, and start up at once and begin to cry, ‘O God, give me converts, or I die.’ Then you will have converts.”

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