Greg's Notes

How to Never Stumble or Fall

A true believer may stumble, but they will ultimately return to God. Let’s take a look at some of the steps that led to Peter’s fall and at how he got back up again. We can learn from them to avoid taking the same steps in our own lives.

Practical Principles

  1. Peter was self-confident. I would say that this particular attitude is at the root of every person who has ever fallen away from the faith or any person who has ever stumbled or fallen.
  2. Peter didn’t pray. Instead of praying, Peter was sleeping.
  3. Peter followed Jesus from a distance. This distance from the Lord, instead of closeness and fellowship, will always be at the foundation of all spiritual regression.
  4. Peter warmed himself at the enemy’s fire. When you are hanging around the wrong people at the wrong places, the next thing you know, you’re doing the wrong things.
  5. Peter denied the Lord. He cared more about his own reputation than anything else.

Relevant Reminders

  • The last earthly miracle of Jesus was covering the blunder of a disciple. When we mess up, Jesus has the power to make things right.
  • Taking the Lord’s name in vain doesn’t just mean cursing and swearing. It is using His name in a frivolous and insincere way.
  • Jesus has the ability to look right through us to see our true motives and intentions. He knows us intimately.

Applicable Actions

After Peter’s denial of the Lord, he went out and wept bitterly. But after His resurrection, Jesus sent a special word of encouragement to Peter because he needed it. Do you need a word of encouragement today? If you have fallen away from the Lord, like Peter did, Jesus is saying, “Take My hand now. Let Me pull you up. Reach out to Me. Call out to Me. Ask Me for forgiveness and I will extend it to you.”