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What’s Next in 2024

by Greg Laurie on Jan 1, 2024


Wow. 2023. This has been an epic year for us at Harvest Ministries!

We saw over 70,000 people make professions of faith through our outreach ministries. I mean, think about that. . . 70,000.

2,500 people made a profession of faith at our church services, and then we did the Jesus Revolution film—that’s still streaming on Netflix, by the way. It tells the story of my life, my wife’s life, how we met, and the Jesus Movement. You ought to check it out if you haven’t seen it yet. But that’s reached millions of people.

I’m told that the Jesus Revolution film has reached 25 million people, and when it’s all said and done, it may reach upwards of 100 million people.

Then we had the largest baptism in American history, which we called the Jesus Revolution Baptism, and we literally baptized 4,500 people in one day. It was incredible.

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And we have a lot of big plans for 2024! We’re going to do a Harvest Crusade at Angel Stadium again (view 2023’s event here). So we’re happy to be returning to that venue we’ve been in for so many years to bring the gospel for one single night at Angel Stadium. Dates to come soon!

We’re also working on animation because I want to reach younger people with the message of the gospel, featuring my cartoon characters, Ben Born Again and Yellow Dog. These are two characters that are going to take you on adventures that are funny, entertaining, and gospel-infused, as well.

And we’re also going to do an island-wide crusade on the island of Maui. As you know, Lahaina was devastated, effectively destroyed, by those horrible fires that happened in 2023. So, we want to bring hope and help to the people of the beautiful island of Maui in this large-scale evangelistic outreach designed to reach everyone on the island.

There’s a lot more we have in store, but those are some things for you to pray about, and also to invest in financially. Because when you invest in Harvest, you don’t just give to us; you give through us to reach other people.

So, let’s pray for a fruitful year and that God will be glorified. Thank you.

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