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How Does ‘Jesus Revolution’ Translate Across the World?

by Greg Laurie on Mar 23, 2024

When Jesus Revolution released in theaters in February 2023 to some amazing reviews, it was clear that this film resonated with audiences across America, even though it was largely about events taking place in Southern California. In reality, the Jesus Movement of the 1960s and ’70s was not just a localized event. It was an event with world-impact.

And today, it’s a film with world-impact, as Netflix, who has been streaming the film since July 2023, has now released it to international markets such as India, Brazil, and more. So the question is: does it “translate well” to other countries? 


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I just saw a story about a church that put on a screening of Jesus Revolution in Feltre, Italy, and here’s what they had to say about the impact:

We rented the theater for two evening showings at no cost to the public and the church was open too (which is a block away) for refreshments in between the showings as a type of open house.

After each showing, [Pastor] Landon shared a short gospel and prayer message with the audience and invited them to talk afterwards if they wanted. The cinema owner told Landon today that 140 people came in total and he had never seen so many people come to a special showing like this before!!!

Many conversations happened afterwards and seeds we no doubt planted through this amazing testimony . . . . 

This is exactly how the film was meant to be used: a unique gospel message, told through a compelling (and true) story of lives changed. Jesus Revolution is changing lives, internationally. 

So many have already been touched by this film after watching it in theaters and on other streaming services across the world. It is our prayer that this film continues to bless those watching it, no matter where they are streaming from!

Since its release, here are a couple great stories from the worldwide reception of the film:

I thought this was the best faith based produced films I’ve ever seen. For anyone looking to get a better picture of some of the history behind the Jesus Movement . . . I say run, don’t walk to go see this film. So tremendously encouraging and wonderful to see how God was at work then, and can be at work now. . . —Elise

The Jesus Revolution movie is so incredibly well done. The soundtrack, the actors, the acting, the cinematography and the 2 stories of love; one between a man and a woman and of course the greatest love story ever told. The release of this movie is so timely as it is both an inspiring and uplifting story . . . Having been a part of this movement in Canada back in the day I felt like I was reliving this all over again . . . I pray, as I know many others are, this movie will continue to speak to the hearts of many. —Lee-ann

Whole new audiences are hearing this story for the first time. And in many cases, they’re hearing the gospel for the first time. Let’s all be praying that God uses it to touch lives.

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