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How to Watch JESUS REVOLUTION From Home

by Greg Laurie on Apr 13, 2023

You can now watch Jesus Revolution from home! 

Go ahead and purchase your own copy to watch as many times as you want—even have a watch party! The great thing about this film is that it touches people and so many are open to the gospel after watching it. We have heard so many stories of people coming to Christ after they saw Jesus Revolution in theaters. 

You can even find my “Sermonette” in the “extras” section where I present the gospel. Play that after you show the film! 

Get your copy, spread the word, and start your neighborhood outreach program TODAY! You can watch on Netflix, Apple TV, Prime Video, YouTube, or purchase a DVD right here with Harvest. Your support helps us reach more people with films like Jesus Revolution—sharing the gospel in unexpected places.

It just released on Apple TV and Prime Video and it already hit the Top Movies chart thanks to you! It’s so great seeing Jesus Revolution on the screen as you search for potential films to watch. It will now reach its largest audience by far. 

A lot of folks are a bit like Nicodemus in the Bible. They wanted to see the film but did not make it. Now, they can watch it in the privacy of their own home, whether on a laptop, tablet, or phone. 

Let’s keep showing Hollywood we’re saying “YES” to Christian films! Thank you for all the overwhelming support.

Read the true stories that inspired Jesus Revolution.


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