The Power of Podcasting

by Harvest on Dec 30, 2020

The Greg Laurie Podcast has tens of thousands of dedicated listeners from all over the world. And when we relaunched this podcast earlier this year, it received over a million downloads in its first month and continues to average among the top 25 Christian podcasts in the United States. But over and above numbers, this show is changing lives everywhere.

One listener had this to say:

Since I started listening to pastor Greg I have realized how much I needed Christ in my life , Pastor Greg’s daily devotions and Podcasts help so much to understand how essential our daily relationship with God is needed. Gracias usted cambio mi vida para estar más cerca de nuestro señor. [Thank you, you changed my life to be closer to our Lord.]

Another woman commented:

I listen to your podcast for nearly 3 years, you help me accept Jesus. I am currently receiving cancer treatment and your new believer bible is what kept me going. I read your devotions every morning.

With podcasts experiencing tremendous growth in the past year, we want to continue to be there and available for people to find hope and encouragement every single day and at no charge. Harvest Ministries wants to reach more people than ever before in the coming months, and your financial gifts help us meet that goal through ministries like our podcast, Harvest at Home, and future cinematic crusades.

Thank you to our Harvest Partners for bringing real hope to people literally around the world.

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