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Turning The World Right-Side Up

by Greg Laurie on Jul 10, 2021

Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from Revelation 20 titled “Turning the World Right-Side Up” at our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest At Home.

Sermon Notes

Did you know that things are bad because Satan is allowed to have his way. One of the reasons things are so bad in the Last Days is Satan knows his days are numbered. Satan wants to wreak havoc because Jesus Christ is coming back! Things are bad because God is not completely having His way yet. Jesus Christ is going to take this planet back to its Eden-like state.


One day Heaven and Earth will become one. God is not going to abandon His creation; He’s going to restore it! God’s perfect plan is to “bring all things in Heaven and on Earth together under Christ.” God will make Earth into Heaven and Heaven into Earth.

  • There will finally be world peace.
  • There will be joy and happiness and no more disabilities!
  • People will live long lives.
  • The animal kingdom will be subdued.
  • There will be universal justice and righteousness.
  • The curse that came upon the world because of sin will be lifted.


  • Ecclesiastes 12:14;
  • Matthew 12:36
  • Philippians 2:10–11
  • Isaiah 35:5–6
  • Isaiah 2:4
  • Isaiah 65:20
  • Isaiah 11:6
  • Psalm 72:2
  • Isaiah 2:4
  • Romans 8:19–21
  • Revelation 20:10
  • Revelation 20:11–15
  • Revelation 12:12


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