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The Refreshing Power of the Spirit-Filled Life

by Greg Laurie on Aug 7, 2021

Pastor Greg Laurie shares a message from Romans 8 titled “The Refreshing Power of the Spirit-Filled Life” at our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest At Home.

Sermon Notes

Did you know there is no condemnation for our past? There is no separation from God’s love in the future. God is not mad at you; He is mad about you. All things in the present are working together for good. The Spirit gives us the confidence to approach God in prayer. We are adopted, loved, and welcomed by God!


The Holy Spirit wants to lead you, empower you, and fill you every day. To be filled with the Spirit means to be controlled by the Spirit. This is not “works-righteousness” but rather a “working righteousness.” Those led by the Spirit of God are the sons of God. God removes the fear of rejection and assures us that we are God’s children.

  • A Spirit-led believer lives a condemnation-free life.
  • The best way to not go backward is to go forward in the Spirit.
  • Spirit-led people are spiritually-minded people.
  • The Holy Spirit is at home in the hearts of Spirit-led believers.
  • Spirit-led believers overcome the old life.

Remember “For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.”


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