Greg's Notes

What It Really Means to Love God

When I talk about love in this passage, I’m not talking about a touchy-feely kind of love, but genuine love. There are some people that will say they love you, but they don’t show it by their actions. Are you known as a person who loves others?

Practical Principles

  1. Our love should be real, not fake. “Let love be without hypocrisy.” You may not feel love for someone but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t practice love. Do loving things and the feelings will come later.
  2. If you really love God and you love others, you will hate evil. We might think that love and hate cannot coexist, but hatred of evil is the other side of love. If I love what God loves, I will hate what God hates.
  3. If you really love God and others, you will be glued to what is good. We should cling to what is good. Hold onto it, and then at the same time, abhor that which is bad.
  4. If you really love God, you will love your Christian family. Have family love for your Christian brothers and sisters. We are related in the church as blood relatives—the blood of Christ that was shed for our sin. It’s a special bond.
  5. If you really love God and others, you will not be a slacker. Whatever we do for Christ must be done with enthusiasm, passion, intensity and excellence.
  6. If you really love God and others, you’ll be on fire for Christ. The way we keep the fire alive is by feeding this fire. We do that by taking in the Word of God and practicing it.

Relevant Reminders

  • Over the years I have found myself far more impressed with character than charisma, more impressed with persistence than power, and more impressed with faithfulness over fame.
  • I think maybe the greatest ability of all is dependability.
  • We should use the gifts and the abilities God has given us in love.

Applicable Actions

Would someone else describe you as being on fire for Jesus Christ? If you’re on fire for Jesus, you will love Him wholeheartedly, you will obey His commandments, and you will serve Him. Put your love into action.