Greg's Notes

The Prodigal Prophet

You have heard of Jonah and the whale, but have you heard of Jonah and the worm? You are going to hear about it now because a worm plays a significant role in the life of this prophet.

Practical Principles

  1. Jonah 4 reminds us that the Bible is not afraid to show us the failures of its heroes. Most scholars agree that Jonah wrote the Book of Jonah. He could have left out the last chapter, which does not paint him in the best light, but it was included.
  2. Sometimes you might feel like God has let you down. You’ve had certain dreams, aspirations, and hopes. Those things didn’t pan out as you had planned. You feel like God let you down. That is what happened with Jonah, and he was angry with God.
  3. Do we have guardian angels? I do not know, but there are a couple of references in Scripture that would indicate it is a possibility.
  4. Demons are fallen angels. Satan is a fallen angel that used to be known as Lucifer. The objectives of demons are to hinder the purposes of God and to extend the power of Satan.
  5. Satan is a liar, an accuser, and a destroyer. His goal is to condemn and deceive you, so do not give him a foothold.

Relevant Reminders

  • No one is beyond the reach of God. The Ninevites were so bad, yet God loved them and was able to reach.
  • Sometimes the people who strike out or seem verbally and adamantly opposed to the gospel are under the conviction of the Holy Spirit and are trying to fight against it. They may actually be closer to conversion than many who are passive and pleasant.

Applicable Actions

Perhaps you have accepted Christ into your life, but realistically and honestly, you’ve been trapped by the enemy, in a compromise situation. If you’re in that no man’s land of compromise, I’d really encourage you to make a recommitment to Christ and start walking with the Lord as you ought to. Keep as much distance as you can between yourself and the devil.