Greg's Notes

Samson: The He-Man with the She-Weakness

Life is full of surprises, from unexpected blessings and pleasures to the tragedies we cannot anticipate. And one thing that can sometimes surprise us is how a person’s life turns out. There are those whom we may think have very little potential, but they go on to enjoy great success. And there are others whom we believe will change the world, but end up making some of the worst decisions imaginable for their lives.

Why is it that some people who could have been mightily used by God fail miserably, while others make great strides for His kingdom? We can discover some answers from Samson’s life, which stands as an example of how little compromises can often lead to our undoing.

Practical Principles

  1. Moral compromise always makes us vulnerable. If Samson had not had a sinful relationship with Delilah, he would not have found himself in the situation he was in. Moral compromise always breaks down our defenses. Falling into sin almost always happens this way. It starts with small compromises that lead to big compromises. And any step away from God is always a step down.
  2. Temptation comes in attractive packages. The Philistines didn’t hire a homely woman to seduce Samson. Delilah was beautiful. She was attractive. And she trapped Samson. Sin doesn’t come to us as what it really is: ugly and destructive. Usually it presents itself as something desirable, something that looks seemingly good and fulfilling. Remember that for Eve, the fruit hanging on the forbidden tree was pleasant to look at (see Genesis 3:6).
  3. Temptation comes when we choose the wrong friends. Samson had a consistent ability to choose the wrong people to hang out with. First it was the Philistine girl. Then it was the prostitute from Gaza. And ultimately, it was Delilah. As 1 Corinthians 15:33 warns us, “Do not be deceived: ‘Evil company corrupts good habits’” (nkjv).

Relevant Reminders

Samson’s incredible physical strength was given to him as a gift from God. He could have been one of the greatest leaders in the history of Israel, but instead his life became an example of how not to live. Samson’s life was characterized by squandered resources and wasted potential and ability. He threw it all away as a result of making some subtle but serious mistakes. And though his life stands before us as a warning, it is also a story of second chances.

Applicable Actions

Spiritual breakdowns invariably can be traced to little things that turned into big things. Small compromises turn into big sins. What compromises are you making in your life? It is time to come clean and say, “God, I know You are speaking to me today. I want to get right with You.”