Greg's Notes

God’s Answer to Fear, Worry, and Anxiety, Part 3

We can learn something from the birds and the flowers. This is what Jesus tells us in the Sermon on the Mount, and He gives us some very clear words about how to deal with our worry and our anxiety. I’m going to share with you ten tips to utilize when worry comes knocking.

Practical Principles 

  1. The believer should not worry.
    Matthew 6:25
  2. Birds don’t worry, so why should we?
    Matthew 6:26
  3. Flowers don’t worry, so why should we?
    Matthew 6:28–29
  4. Worry does not make life longer; it just makes it more miserable.
    Matthew 6:27
  5. Worry is an indication of a lack of faith.
    Matthew 6:30
  6. We grow in faith by what we are doing right now—studying and believing God’s Word.
    Romans 10:17
  7. Trade your worry for worship.
    Matthew 6:33
  8. When I put God and His kingdom first, my life will find its proper balance.
    Matthew 6:33
  9. Turn your panic into prayer!
    Philippians 4:6
  10. Replace thoughts of anxiety, worry, and panic with godly thoughts.
    Philippians 4:8

Relevant Reminders

  • Hundreds of years ago, before scientists figured it out, before psychologists figured it out, before the so-called experts figured it out, the Bible said, “Anxiety in the heart of man leads to depression.”
  • What is worry, really? It’s a lack of trust in God.
  • The very word worry comes from an old German word meaning “to choke.”

Applicable Actions

Jesus is not saying, don’t think about these things. He’s saying, don’t get stressed about it. The birds aren’t stressed. Why should you be? I know bad things happen, even to Christians. Christians get cancer. Christians die in automobile accidents. Christians lose loved ones unexpectedly. Christians face every kind of hardship. But here’s the thing: unlike the nonbeliever, Christians have God to turn to in times of trouble. He wants to hear our prayers and He will help us in our time of need.