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10 Million New Believer’s Bibles printed!

by Greg Laurie on May 14, 2020

We just passed an amazing milestone: the printing of our ten-millionth New Believer’s Bible!


  • These are the Bibles that we give out at all of our crusades when people come forward to receive Christ.
  • These are Bibles that hundreds of churches use to follow-up with those who make professions of faith in Jesus.
  • These are Bibles that street-witnessing teams and evangelistic ministries use when someone wants to know more about God.
  • These are Bibles that thousands of individuals keep on hand to give to a friend, coworker, or family member when conversations turn toward spiritual things.

Almost 25 years ago, when I first put together the notes and help guides to go into this Bible, who could have realized the scale of impact it would have?

And YOU are to thank, Friend. Without friends and supporters like you (people who believe in the power of the gospel to change lives), we never could have distributed so many New Believer’s Bibles to so many people.

So thank you. I appreciate you so much.

If you’d like to be part of the next 10 million, I invite you to give to the work God is doing through Harvest Ministries. You can help us reach the world with the Good News and give them the Word of God by donating here:


Have you ever thought about buying a few Bibles to have handy in case someone you know finds themselves in hardship, or is questioning the meaning of life, or just wants to know why you’re different? If you’d like to buy some copies of this great Bible to use in your own personal ministry, you can get them from our store:

Of course, your purchase also supports the work of ministry that Harvest is doing each day.

Thanks again for being part of something so far-reaching and long-lasting!

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