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Why the Harvest Crusade Will Be at Honda Center

by Greg Laurie on Mar 31, 2023

The Harvest Crusade. . . You ever heard of that? Well, we’re having another this year!

Now, for over 30 years we’ve had our crusades at the Angel Stadium. This year we will not be there. Angel Stadium came to us, saying we can’t have people go down on the field because they have baseball season and don’t want people on the grass.

We discussed this at length with them and they were firm in this decision. We may end up in Angel Stadium one year from now, but this year, we will not be at Angel Stadium. Instead, the Harvest Crusade is happening two nights at the Honda Center, so mark that on your calendars. And by the way, that’s not far from Angel Stadium.

These things come our way, but when one door closes, another door opens. When COVID was happening, we were not able to meet one year at the stadium. So we created a film called A Rush of Hope that was like an evangelistic cinematic film that touched a lot of people. So now we’re pivoting again. 

What we’re thinking about this year at the Honda Center, since it’s an enclosed environment, is that we’re going to do our service in the round. It’s much closer, much more intimate, and we’re going to have an immersive worship experience this year. 

I feel like a lot of people really want to worship God right now, and I think that’s a wonderful thing. One night we’ll have Chris Tomlin. Another night we’ll have Phil Wickham. There’ll be other special guests, but it’s not so much about who the guests are, it’s about going there to have this immersive worship experience and proclaim the gospel. I think it’s gonna be a really special, wonderful Harvest Crusade.

Mark it on your calendar: July 1 and July 2! See you soon!

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