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Why the ‘Christmas Star’ Should Get Your Attention

by Greg Laurie on Dec 20, 2020

I just read a headline the other day that says, “Christmas Star to appear, first time in 800 years.” Well, I had to read this article! What’s going to happen is on December 21, Jupiter and Saturn are going to align for the first time since the 1200s. (By the way, I was there when it happened last time. It was cool. I think it’ll be better this time. I’m kidding.) Anyway, seriously, though. It reminds us of when the star appeared and led those wise men from the east to see the newborn Jesus.

Could it be that the Lord has allowed something this spectacular that hasn’t happened in 800 years to get our attention? Could it be that the Lord is reminding us that His Son was born, and that we need to pay attention? And also His Son is coming back in glory one day?

So let’s all be looking up and checking that out together and celebrating the birth of Christ and looking forward to the return of Jesus.

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