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Three Ways Jesus Transforms Your Life

by Greg Laurie on Aug 16, 2021

The entire book of Acts is a testimony to the transformation that takes place in the life of a true follower of Jesus Christ. Consider the case of Peter and John. Immediately after Christ’s crucifixion, Peter and John went into hiding. In fact, Peter denied knowing Jesus three times before Jesus died (see Luke 22:54–62). These men were far from bold. But when Jesus rose from the dead, met with them, and told them to wait for the promised Holy Spirit once he returned to Heaven, everything changed.

Why were Peter and John so bold? And how can our lives be transformed just as dramatically?

Peter and John Spent Time with Jesus

For three years Peter and John followed Jesus throughout Israel. During this time they saw Jesus perform many miracles. They also listened to His teaching and observed His lifestyle. But they weren’t just casual observers. They talked with Jesus and shared their lives with Him. They made Jesus a significant part of their lives.

Even though we did not walk alongside Jesus during His time on Earth, we can still make Him a significant part of our lives. We have His teachings to study and the opportunity to spend time with Him in prayer. Best of all, we have Christ Himself living inside us. We don’t have to have lived in Bible times to have a relationship with Jesus.

Peter and John Modeled Their Lives After Jesus’ Life and Teachings

Christ’s life, death, and resurrection had such an impact on Peter and John that they began to imitate Jesus in their behavior. We can see that impact in the first few chapters of Acts. Here Peter and John proclaim the message boldly in public, heal a crippled beggar, and endure persecution for Jesus. Their actions prove an important point: We need to put into practice what we have learned from spending time with Jesus.

Peter and John Put Their Confidence in Christ, Not in Their Own Abilities

Remember, Peter and John were common fishermen. They had no impressive credentials to flash in front of these people. They simply relied upon Jesus to guide them and help them through any obstacles—and that gave then all the confidence they needed. We should do no less. God does not call the qualified; He qualifies the called. The Lord is not looking for ability as much as He is looking for availability.

If you want to see the power of Jesus Christ in action today, take a look at some of the lives He has turned around. Some of the greatest evidence for Jesus Christ today consists of the countless lives that have been dramatically changed by His touch.

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This article originally appeared as “Jesus has great power to transform people” in the New Believer’s Bible NLT edited by Greg Laurie (Tyndale House Publishers, 2019).


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