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The Christmas Story for Kids

by Greg Laurie on Dec 14, 2020

Some time ago, I shared the Christmas story with my grandkids. You can watch the video above to see it. If you enjoy this storytime, share it with your kids and grandkids this week!

I sometimes get asked, “What’s the secret to sharing stories with young children?” And it’s a good question because sharing God’s Word with the children in your life is one of the most valuable ways you can build them up in the faith.

Honestly, I think one of the most intimidating things that parents face, even grandparents, is how to tell Bible stories to their children—or even how to read the Bible. That’s usually because children are not hesitant to tell you how they feel if they’re not interested. So I’d say there are two things to remember when you want to share stories—and especially the Christmas story—with little ones.

The first thing I recommend when you’re telling a story or doing devotions with kids is don’t go too long. I think we feel like it has to be a lecture. You have to keep it at a length where they will stay with you. Plus, when you end early, you leave them wanting more! One of the greatest joys is hearing, “Tell us another one!”

Number two, involve them in the story. For instance, I like to ask questions. Make it interactive. Ask for their comments or thoughts as you make your way through the story. As you see in this video, I sometimes tell the story a little off to see if they’re paying attention.

There’s so much joy in the Christmas story that it’s worth telling over and over again. If you don’t yet have a family tradition of gathering around to retell the Christmas story, why not start that tradition this year? Luke 2 is a perfect place to start.

So happy storytelling and Merry Christmas!

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