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by Greg Laurie on Nov 5, 2008

Here is a great letter from our recent New York City Harvest:

I am a believer who listens to “A New Beginning” each day. I bought a block of ten tickets and just invited people – all but one was able to make it that night.

I had a burden on my heart for a young woman who is a prodigal right now and with whose family I am very close. It was not until the day of the event that she agreed to attend and when the first altar call came, she was bawling I asked her if she wanted to go down and she shook her head furiously, “No!” Then, when Pastor Greg said that he was among the last to respond to the altar call the day he got saved, I looked at my young lady again and offered to go down with her and she agreed. Her mother who also attended wept with joy and relief, as did I.

I pray that she will commit herself once more to the life she once lived in Christ and that the chains she is presently in will be broken in the name of Christ Jesus.

My husband rededicated his life at a mini Harvest Crusade in NYC in 2000.

God bless Greg Laurie and his family for all they do for the Kingdom. I pray abundant blessings to the ministry and everyone involved in it. May our Lord and Savior continue to uphold you all to continue this incredible work.

Sandra Stanich
Bronx, NY

To God be the glory!

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