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New York wrap-up

by Greg Laurie on Oct 20, 2008

Hey everyone,

The New York Harvest is complete. Here’s the wrap-up that we just posted on the Crusade Connection blog:

One of the slogans we’ve picked up on this year for the New York Harvest has been “God in the Garden.” It’s a reference to Billy Graham’s legendary crusade meetings at Madison Square Garden in 1957.

Well, God truly was in the Garden on Sunday night as Harvest Crusades closed out its 2008 schedule with a one-night event at “The World’s Most Famous Arena.”

A crowd of 12,500 people from around New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and elsewhere packed into Madison Square Garden to hear the gospel proclaimed. Once there, they enjoyed music from the Katinas, a 300-member interdenominational choir, Relient K, and MercyMe.

Pastor Greg spoke on “How to Change for Good,” sharing about his adoptive father Oscar and his son Christopher, both now in heaven.

The response during the gospel invitation was overwhelming as we had more responders than available counselors. In all, there were an estimated 1,380 people who came forward and prayed with Pastor Greg to receive Christ or to make a recommitment.

What a blessing from God to close out a busy year of Harvest Crusades events!


Did you pray with Pastor Greg?

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