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New Harvest iPhone app is here!

by Greg Laurie on Jun 15, 2010

You can download it today for free!

After several months of work from the Harvest web programmers and designers, we are launching our new “Harvest: Greg Laurie” iPhone app. We’ve tried to take our best web content and pack it into one place to help you “know God” and “make Him known” to others. It is unlike any other Christian app I’ve seen. Let me give you a “sneak peak” of what you’ll find when you launch it.

The app includes all of my recent “Messages.” You can play messages from my Worldview and Essentials series in both audio and video formats, as well as Parables from the Beach videos and A New Beginning radio programs.

You’ll have easy access to my daily devotions, so that every day you’ll find fresh inspiration to help you walk with God.

What really makes this app unique are the “evangelism tools” designed to proclaim the gospel and help you share your faith with others. There are videos to share, including a gospel message, first steps for new believers, and answers to tough questions. You’ll learn how to share your testimony with others through a One-Minute Message. We’ve also included Scriptures to memorize and strategies for sharing your faith with people from other religions. If you help lead someone to the Lord, they can register their decision and request a New Believer’s Growth Packet directly from the app.

Finally, you’ll be able to get “Connected” to all of our social network feeds. You can also share content from the app with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or by sending an e-mail.

I hope you like the new iPhone app and find it a useful tool to help you draw closer in a relationship with Jesus Christ and for sharing your faith with others.

You can download it for FREE on iTunes: here.


If you like our new app, make sure to write a review in the iTunes store. We are also working on apps for Android phones and one optimized for the iPad. They’re coming soon!


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