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How Are You Using Your Story? (Harvest News February 2021)

by Greg Laurie on Feb 8, 2021

You have an amazing story to tell. I hope you know that.

I bring that up because one of the best ways to share your faith is to begin with your personal story. Why? Because a person cannot really argue with what God has done for you.

They can argue with you about what the Bible says and argue with you about other things, but they can’t argue with your own story of how Christ transformed you.

That’s because you are an expert on your own story. You may not be an apologist, you may not be a theologian, you may not be a Bible scholar, but you are an expert on you.

In fact, your personal testimony is one of the most effective tools in your “spiritual toolbox.”

Simply put, your testimony is your personal story of how you came to know Jesus Christ. Every believer has a story to tell. How are you leveraging yours?

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