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2022 SoCal Harvest Recap: A Movement of the Holy Spirit

by Harvest on Nov 8, 2022

On November 5 and 6, Southern California saw two nights of incredible revival. The work of the Holy Spirit was palpable as Angel Stadium was filled with over 51,000 people for worship alongside Newsboys, Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Phil Wickham, and Andy Mineo. As evidence, by the end of the weekend, 8,667 people responded when invited by Pastor Greg Laurie to commit or recommit their lives to Christ.

One attendee said:

It’s just breathtaking, inspirational, and eye-opening for me. This year has been so difficult and tonight was a breath of fresh air. I served in the military and lost some friends, and I have been having trouble coping. My heart feels full from accepting Christ into my life for the first time today.

Another attendee explained:

I recommitted to follow God. A hope that I have for my life right now would just be to fearlessly proclaim His name, and spread the gospel relentlessly to everyone: strangers, people on the street, my friends. I am excited to allow the Holy Spirit to work through me and just be on fire for God again.

With translation services available in real-time, we saw people from all backgrounds and walks of life in attendance and finding salvation and forgiveness through the gospel. More than 600 radio outlets and social media pages across the nation partnered with Harvest to broadcast the event over the air and digitally. In total, over 161,000 people from around the world joined us for the video stream over the weekend.

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Praying for Another Jesus Revolution

A highlight of this year’s event was when Pastor Greg brought actor Jonathan Roumie (The Chosen, Jesus Revolution) and producer Jon Erwin (Erwin Brothers, Kingdom Story) on stage for exclusive interviews. Both men shared their testimonies and shed light on where their passion for their work comes from: God.

With the theme of “Jesus Revolution,” this year’s event highlighted exclusive clips of the upcoming Kingdom Story and Lionsgate film, Jesus Revolution, depicting the spiritual revival of the 1960s and ‘70s. Greg Laurie presented messages incorporating his story of coming to faith in Jesus.

The work is not over yet! In the following weeks we will continue to see how lives are changed in the aftermath of this amazing event. There will be follow-up for the thousands of professions of faith that will be conducted through Harvest Church and our many great partner ministries throughout Southern California.

Pastor Greg concluded with this remark, “My hope tonight is not in politicians or world leaders. It’s not in technology, money, or possessions. It’s not even in religion. . . What we are all looking for is not something you hold in your hand. It’s something that happens in your heart in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.”

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