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2022 SoCal Harvest: All You Need to Know

by Greg Laurie on Sep 16, 2022

Exciting news: SoCal Harvest is back November 5&6 at Angel Stadium

We’re going to have music from Phil Wickham, Andy Mineo, Crowder, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys—plus, an exciting theme, “Jesus Revolution!” 

If you’ve ever wondered what the 1970s were like, you’ll get a peek at this year’s SoCal Harvest. We’re doing this in memory of the last Jesus Movement that brought so many to Christ, and in hopes of another one for this generation!

If that’s your hope to, I encourage you to come to this event with as many unbelievers as possible. Not only will we have worship, a showing of exclusive scenes from the upcoming film, Jesus Revolution, and a powerful theme, but I’m also going to be delivering an important message about getting right with God and inviting people to Christ.

Yes, this is a fun event, but it’s more than that. These events are truly appointments with God for those who don’t know Him; it’s a time for them to begin their journey to know Him deeply! This is what the SoCal Harvest is all about.

I invite you, your friends, your family—everyone—to join us this November, whether it’s online or in-person. Help us bring people to this event so they can hear the Good News and have everything that comes with knowing God; invite people, serve, share about the event on social media—this is how we can impact our world and spark the flame of revival!

This is a FREE event happening November 5&6 at 6 PM PT. On November 5, we will be joined by Crowder, Newsboys, and Andy Mineo. On November 6, we will have Jeremy Camp and Phil Wickham; of course, I’ll be there both nights!

Feel God’s presence, worship, hear a special message, and watch exclusive scenes from the upcoming film, Jesus Revolution! Don’t miss your chance to witness transformation or be transformed!

Learn more about the SoCal Harvest!


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