After Jesus Revolution: Your Role in the Next Great Spiritual Awakening

You watched the movie; now do you want to be a part of the next Jesus Revolution?

In After Jesus Revolution: Your Role in the Next Great Spiritual Awakening, Pastor and teacher Greg Laurie discusses your role in bringing people to Christ. Get insights from Pastor Greg on how to reach others with the gospel.

Sow. Water. Reap. In this book, Pastor Greg will show what this looks like in real life. Using biblical examples and case studies, Greg walks through the steps of evangelism.

“God wants to use you! You may think, ‘Let the preachers do this preaching stuff. That’s the job of the professionals. I’m just an ordinary person.’ But those who know you know that you are a believer. You can reach them. Those are the people God has called you to right now. He wants you to be part of what he is doing.” – Greg Laurie

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