Never Out of Reach

by Greg Laurie on Sep 17, 2022
I am the LORD, the God of all the peoples of the world. Is anything too hard for me?
—Jeremiah 32:27

Alice Cooper was at one time the most famous and successful rock star in the world. His given name was Vincent Furnier, but as a young man, he joined a rock band and changed his name to Alice Cooper.

At his concerts, Alice Cooper was known for spectacle and for being a dark figure. In reality, though, much of it was only an act. Over time, however, Vincent Furnier turned into the character Alice Cooper. He became an alcoholic and then a drug addict.

The amazing thing was that Alice Cooper was the son of a pastor, and he was running away from God. He ran so far away from God that people thought he had reached the point of no return. But God wasn’t done with him. One day, when he was overdosing on cocaine, he looked into a mirror and thought he saw blood coming out of his eyes. He was hallucinating.

Alice Cooper cried out to God. He then took the softball-sized rock of cocaine that he had and flushed it down the toilet. God heard his prayer and turned him around. Since then, he has been walking with the Lord. He has been clean and sober for many years. Today, he seems to be addicted only to golf. He loves to get out on the course. But his faith in Jesus Christ reminds us that no one is beyond God’s reach.

Maybe you’ve made some bad decisions in your life. Maybe because of some things you’ve done, you’re thinking, “It’s too late for me.” But it’s never too late for you. God can turn your life around, just as He turned Alice Cooper’s life around. God can forgive your sin. God can refresh you, replenish you, and revive you. But you must turn to Him.

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