The One, True God

by Greg Laurie on Jan 5, 2016
"So remember this and keep it firmly in mind: The Lord is God both in heaven and on earth, and there is no other."

We don’t see a lot of idol worship in our culture—at least outwardly. But I think that in some ways, maybe there is.

People have their gods, although they don’t call them gods. Their gods are what they trust in. Maybe it’s a person. Maybe it’s a bank account. Maybe it’s a career. Maybe it’s their appearance. Maybe it’s something else.

Then one day something happens, and they lose that money in the bank account. Something happens, and they lose that position. Something happens, and they no longer look like they once did. It’s a wakeup call, and they realize that whatever their god was, it was never a good thing to build their lives on.

Anyone or anything that takes the place of the true and living God in your life can potentially become an idol. But here is the bottom line: When crisis hits, is that god going to save you? No, but the Lord will.

Sometimes God allows us to see the futility of what we put our trust in. That is what He did with Pharaoh and the people of Egypt. The Egyptians worshiped pretty much everything, including birds, the Nile River, and plants. You name it, they worshiped it. So the Lord, in sending the plagues, afflicted them with the very things they worshiped.

God was saying, in effect, "You want a worship service? I’ll lay some frogs on you. Worship away." There were frogs everywhere—frogs in their beds, in their ovens, and on their floors. God was showing them the futility of what they trusted in.

Have your so-called gods let you down yet? In time they will, because they aren’t real. In this battle of the gods, there is only one real God. And He is the God who will win.

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