Never Left Hanging

by Greg Laurie on Feb 16, 2018
Being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.

There are many reasons I’m glad I’m not God. One of them is that I’m the kind of person who starts projects and then forgets them. I have half-done projects like models that I started building three years ago and vow to finish one day. I will get to the very end of building it, and all I have to do is paint a few things. I’ll say, “I need to go buy that paint . . . one of these days.” And I never get around to it.

Or maybe I will be cleaning my desk and will get it almost complete. Then I’ll think, “I’ll do that a little later. I want to do something else right now.”

Aren’t you glad God isn’t that way? Imagine Him working with us and then suddenly losing interest. I’m sick of him. I want to move on to a new life. I’m not going to finish him. Meanwhile, you’re left hanging.

God is with us, and He is aware of everything we have ever done for Him. Sometimes when we’re faithfully and quietly laboring away for the Lord somewhere, we don’t receive any fanfare from others. They don’t recognize the sacrifices we have made. They don’t see when we get up late at night and pray for people or when we’re out there faithfully reaching out. People aren’t aware of it, but Jesus Christ sees it. And if we’re doing it for Him, isn’t that all that really matters anyway?

He will complete the work He has begun in our lives, and He has a future for us as well. This not only means that we will get to Heaven one day, but it also means that He will complete the work of making us more and more like Jesus.

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