Tell Someone – Bible Study Kit

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 17, 2018


Tell Someone – Bible Study Kit includes a Bible Study Book, the original book on which the study is based, social-media content, and a DVD with a promotional video and six 15- to 20-minute teaching sessions.

Most Christians are either afraid to share the gospel or feel that they don’t know how to share the gospel or both. Programs and formulas have overcomplicated evangelism, so the vast majority of Christians simply don’t do it. It’s left to professionals or those trained and gifted in evangelism.


In reality, evangelism is simply telling two stories: Jesus’ and yours (how Jesus changed your life forever). Everybody loves to tell and hear stories. The goal is not to win arguments but to win souls. We share the gospel because we love God and we love other people.


This study helps group members identify people and places already in their daily routines, encouraging and empowering them to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Evangelism shouldn’t be an artificial religious sales pitch. We shouldn’t be afraid of burning bridges with people we know and love. Instead, we should build bridges with our stories to connect people to the heart of the Savior.


This refreshing look at evangelism from one of the nation’s most prominent pastors and evangelists will help Christians—new and old alike—discover the joy of evangelism as the good news of Jesus naturally overflows into their daily lives.


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Tell Someone – Bible Study Kit Includes:


    • Bible Study Book


    • 2 DVD-ROMs


    • Original book on which the study is based






    • Teaching videos featuring Greg Laurie


    • Biblically rooted and gospel-centered content


    • Leader tips


    • Six weeks of content and learning activities for individual study


    • Six-session Bible Study Book with group and personal components






    • Learn to look beyond the initial discomfort and realize the joy of sharing your faith.


    • Develop confidence and joy in talking about Jesus.


    • Turn evangelism from something you have to do into something you want to do.


    • Learn more about what Scripture has to say about sharing your faith.


    • Explore the biblical basis for evangelism.


  • Understand the power of your testimony.

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