The Greatest Stories Ever Told: The Life and Ministry of Jesus

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 17, 2018


THERE ARE STORIES, MORE STORIES…AND THE GREATEST STORIES Today’s digital world is alive with stories. They pour through the airwaves, splash across TV screens, newspapers, and magazines and pulse through social media, smartphones, and tablets. We are surrounded every day by a million mini-dramas of crime and tragedy, wins and losses, dreams and disappointments, hopes and fears. But rising above a legion of lesser stories we have the greatest stories of all stories that will last through time and beyond time. When the Bible offers a story, it’s more than human interest. It’s electric with meaning, and insight. It’s a live power line. A transformer. Grab it and it will shake your world. For over 40 years, pastor and author Greg Laurie has made Bible teaching clear, understandable, and accessible for everyone. In these pages, Greg shows how Scripture speaks to our past and present, and even lifts the curtain on our future.

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