The Greatest Stories Ever Told

by Bartek Makowski on Oct 17, 2018

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What makes these stories the greatest stories?

The exciting accounts of the men and women in these pages are all true. Greg Laurie has drawn authentic slices of life directly from the pages of the Bible. These are real people who lived real lives facing an array of decisions, dilemmas, dangers, disasters, strange adventures, stunning miracles and incomparable opportunities.

But here is the most amazing thing of all: As you encounter these people and the way they related to the living God, you will catch glimpses of your own life story emerging from theirs! Because the Bible is a supernatural book inspired by God Himself, you will find razor-sharp insights and long-lasting help and hope for your own life challenges and struggles.

As you rub shoulders with people like Moses, Joshua, Esther, Peter, and Paul, you will find immediate, useful counsel that will help you: resist the tempter, make better choices, stand strong in the storm, make the most of your potential, and discover the power of persistent faith. Drawn from the messages of Pastor Greg Laurie through the years, these chapters remain fresh and relevant to everyday life. The Bible’s greatest stories will always have a direct bearing on your life story.

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