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How Harvest at Home Is Changing Lives

by Harvest on Apr 9, 2020

When we launched Harvest at Home, we hoped it’d be an encouragement for those unable to attend church services and those affected by COVID-19 stay-at-home orders. But the response we’ve seen is nothing short of stunning—as millions have tuned in to date, and over 21,000 have made professions of faith.

Who would have thought an online outreach would have this sort of impact? One thing’s for sure: God is changing lives during these unprecedented times. From church services to feature films, from interviews to past Harvest Crusades, we’ve watched Harvest at Home become a lifeline to those in need of Christ.

Here are just a few of their stories.

“Regaining my faith”

One person wrote us:

Thank you Pastor Greg. I have been an atheist for 15 years and lately I’ve been questioning everything. I saw on FB that the president said he was tuning into Greg Laurie so I decided to tune in and right when I did he said someone watching is scared of death and doesn’t know if they’re right with God and I started to cry. I accepted Jesus into my heart. Thank you.

Another commented:

You have absolutely no idea what your words are doing for me!! I found you by pure accident or maybe not! . . . I’m regaining my faith and even though I’m a baptized Catholic, you have brought God back into my life!!

Sharing the hope

Many not only have benefited from the programming—they’ve used it as a tool for evangelism!

One viewer wrote the following:

I’m thankful for your Harvest at Home services. We’re showing them at the retirement community I work at so the residents can continue to worship on Sundays.

Another user told us this:

What an inspiration and hope as we watch from Cannon Beach, Oregon where all our motels and restaurants are closed due to the coronavirus and we are a tourist town. I shared it online so my prayer is that many who are home and/or hopeless were given hope because you aired this tonight! God bless!

We’re thankful for our Harvest Partners, whose generosity allows us to keep this going. Thank you!

Is Harvest at Home part of your story? Let us know!

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