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SoCal Harvest 2021

by Greg Laurie on Oct 3, 2021

So many elements of the 2021 SoCal Harvest were different from anything done in the past. But despite all the changes, 40,000 people showed up for the one-night SoCal Harvest, over 200,000 attended online, and over 6,000 responded to the gospel invitation—in person and online all around the world.

Throughout the night, Pastor Greg Laurie delivered a message titled, “What You’re Really Looking For,” in which he peeked behind the curtain of fame to show the emptiness of seeking fame, money, and success.

“The meaning of life,” Pastor Greg summarized, “is to know the God who created you.”

We also enjoyed electric performances from guest artists for KING & COUNTRY, as well as Phil Wickham, who played as a firework show celebrated the thousands who made a profession of faith that evening.

By all accounts, people were hungry for the hope and the community that this event brought. After a year without large-scale, in-person events, last night was a much-needed reunion of believers new and old.

“Can you believe how many people are here?” one attendee told us, “We’ve come from Los Angeles, and frankly, we would have driven across the country to be here. We wouldn’t have missed this for the world.”

There was a tangible moment of excitement and anticipation among the crowd as the field began to fill up with believers coming to Christ. All people from all walks of life were now walking forward to start their relationship with God.

“This is amazing,” another said, “It feels like the whole city is here together. Actually, it’s more like ten cities, brothers and sisters gathered in one place. I really feel the Holy Spirit is here.”

Having this Crusade in person brought people to God in a special way. There is power when believers gather together to worship and learn, and the Holy Spirit was moving hearts in that stadium.

“I’ve watched Pastor Greg before, listened to him on the radio,” one person who came down on the field explained, “but tonight, he really reached me, or I should say that Jesus reached me. I needed forgiveness, and I found it, Jesus is alive, and He is within me forever.”

With hard work and love, the SoCal Harvest was ground zero for an explosion of faith unlike anything we have ever seen before! Another testimony reminded us how urgently needed this event was:

“I never thought I would be on this field tonight, I always thought that God was something I couldn’t understand, then tonight, I listened with my heart instead of my ears, and it became clear. I needed Jesus in my life, not tomorrow, not five minutes from now, but right now.”

If you missed SoCal Harvest, don’t worry! You can catch a replay of the whole event here.

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