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Good News: Hope Is in Season!

by Harvest on Jan 13, 2020

Circumstances fluctuate. God’s hope is eternal.

For many of us, the holidays were a time of struggle. And perhaps the new year didn’t bring us the fresh start we’d wanted.

Thankfully we have, as our anchor, God’s unchanging gospel.

This is why we’re committed to delivering God’s message of hope, “in season and out of season” (2 Timothy 4:2 NKJV). After all, our need for encouragement is not weekly or monthly—but daily.

A man named Pete recently illustrated this for us. He left us encouraging feedback on our Harvest app.

Hi Greg.  I want to take a moment to sincerely thank you for your amazing ministry, and how it’s inspired me and helped me through some very challenging times.

I’ve never been laid off from an organization, but I was laid off earlier this month.

And literally the next day . . . your message—because I have your app—entitled ‘Better Days Ahead’ just struck me and I knew that was from the Lord, that something better is going to happen.

And then sure enough today, there was another [message]. And I was so just inspired by your message and the recordings I listen to each and every day. You have been an absolute blessing to me, and I know the Lord has some great things in store for me and my family.

But I want to just say sincerely thank you because I truly believe the Lord uses you at the right moment, at the right time, and it’s encouraged me to stay focused and to really fall back on the Lord and not just on myself.

It’s through the generosity of our Harvest Partners that we’re able to minister to those in need.

Is Harvest a part of your story? We’re listening.

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