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Extending the Invitation to All

by Harvest on May 8, 2020

At the core of everything we do at Harvest Ministries is extending the invitation for people to follow Jesus Christ. Whether through the crusades, daily radio programs, or more recently through Harvest at Home, we present the gospel, asking anyone who will listen to make his or her decision to accept Christ.

And many have! In fact, the opportunities have only grown since shelter-in-place orders were first given. To date, since we’ve begun our Harvest at Home outreach, over 50,000 people have registered professions of faith in Jesus.

Many have written to us about the power of simply including an invitation to accept Christ in every service.

“I have been praying my family would come back to the Lord and they are starting to. . . . Thank you for always mentioning this in your message.” —K. B.

“You present the gospel so clearly and always offer an opportunity to respond! Then you offer encouragement to live out the gospel with hope, joy, and peace. Thank you! As I have been encouraged, I have been able to encourage others!” —Nancy

“We have been Harvest Partners for about a year now and are so thankful we can share in your ministry (in a small way of course). I love that you give an invitation to accept Jesus at the end of every message. . . . I’m so thankful so many people come to saving faith each week.” —Chris

“My entire family accepted Jesus as our Lord and Savior because of your preaching the Gospel and your invitation to accept Christ.” —I. F.

Do you have a story of coming to the Lord through a Harvest event? Let us know.

We would not be able use these means of proclamation without the generous support of our donors. Thanks to our Harvest Partners for supporting the work of the gospel.


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