Cold Heart Warmed

by Teri Ann Moyer on Aug 19, 2018

Sometimes past sins go so deep and lies listened to so long that hearts grow cold and some even question the truth that there is a God in Heaven who loves us.

That was Miranda tonight. This is her second night at this year’s SoCal Harvest Crusade but halfway through she was ready to leave. “I thought, what’s the point? All these Christians talk about the joy of the Lord and this and that and there’s not much joy in my life at all,” said Miranda. “I was really ready to leave; I was fed up with God and even questioning that there really is a God at all. I started to leave when I heard Greg Laurie start talking about abortion and I started crying and came back.”

You see, Miranda had three abortions when she was younger. “It was accepted in my family and as a matter of fact, my sister even paid for my abortions.” Miranda thought that God could never forgive her having three abortions but He brought her here tonight for that very reason–for her to hear that God will forgive her for her past sins, including those three abortions.

Miranda made her way down to the field and, in tears recommitted her life to Jesus. “I can’t believe God loves me enough to have Greg Laurie talk about abortion tonight. I am so thankful to Him for loving me so much.

So, you see, it doesn’t matter what your past looks like, there is a God in Heaven who loves you—no matter what—that’s what Jesus came to die for, that we might be forgiven our sins and be reconciled to Him.

Did you pray with Pastor Greg?

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