Changing Lives Through ‘A Rush of Hope’

by Harvest on Sep 18, 2020

It would be easy to dismiss A Rush of Hope only as a grandiose cinematic event meant to distract us from the sad fact that Harvest Crusades would not occur this summer. It also would be easy to attribute how it generated interest to a craving for something, anything that would fill the void in our lives. It would be easy, indeed.

However, as 1.8 million people tuned in over Labor Day weekend through a variety of digital outlets, with over 17,000 professions of faith, we quickly came to realize that even with the most optimistic view, God, as always, exceeds our expectations (Ephesians 3:20). As 2020 started, we had a somewhat lofty goal of 100,000 professions of faith, which was based on having our usual in-person crusades, and as we all know, we had to move rather quickly to find a way to change tack, as the year suddenly moved to an unprecedented place, the likes we had never experienced before. A Rush of Hope became the vehicle that enabled God to enter people’s homes and hearts.

The gospel doesn’t take a “break,” doesn’t stand on the sidelines, and it certainly doesn’t wait for us to be ready. The message of the power of Christ is an everyday event, a present reality, and it is especially with us when times are ripe with discord, fear, and uncertainty. In a year where most people are somewhat waiting for what is next, Harvest has experienced an abundance of faith, as we surpassed our goal and witnessed more than 100,000 professions of faith. He is faithful; He is the Truth, the Way, and the Life.

What People Are Saying

As the testimonials came fast and furious over Labor Day weekend, we continued to be humbled at the extraordinary response from believers and non-believers, who chose that time to commit their lives to Jesus. Here some of what was written:

“Thank you for doing this for us; God will prevail and can’t shut the gospel up. God bless you all who are participating in this.”

“What a beautiful, wonderful, amazing God we serve! God bless you, Greg, Jeremy, MercyMe, and For King and Country! Thank you for shining your lights for Christ and encouraging others to do the same. In Christ alone, my hope is found! He is my light, my strength, my song!”

“Thank you, Pastor Greg, we stand with you every Sunday and are so proud to be in your flock. Thank you for a night of hope and A Rush of Hope in our home. Thank you, Jesus, for calling us and saving us and giving us ears to hear and eyes to see.”

“OH, WOW! I cried. It was so good. I sent a link to a close friend whom I’m encouraging to come to Christ. I’m praying that he watched, and if he didn’t ‘seal the deal,’ I’m going to bring him to the Lord today! Thank you, Harvest, and thank you, Jesus! I’m SAVED AND HAVE THE JOY AND HOPE FROM CHRIST MY REDEEMER AND LORD .”

“Mr. Laurie, because of listening to your sermons and watching the trailer for A Rush Of Hope, I decided to rededicate my life to Christ.”

“Thank you so much for your movie. I’m an emotional mess. Thank you for reminding me of hope and bringing the Lord back into focus. I was able to share it with friends, but I think I needed it as much as them.”

The Church Shall Prevail

We are being told that 2020 is lost and that our only hope is to look forward to next year. At Harvest, we know that it has turned out to be one of our most successful years of ministry. Our ministry is stronger than ever, and it is because we have certainty in our hearts. You see, the Lord is not waiting for things to happen. He needs us to be in the arena, bringing His message of love and hope to a world that desperately needs it. God has a plan, even during difficult times, and His plans include us.

We’ve taken some of the most challenging circumstances our church has ever faced and done something we had never done before. We found a way to reach people who had lost hope and brought a fresh perspective to the masses. We went where the people were and delivered the gospel, and let the love of Jesus shine. Pastor Greg Laurie and his team had His message, it was transforming, and it was such a joy. We hope you were a part of it.

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