10 Million Copies and Counting

by Harvest on Mar 10, 2020

As you may know, we’ve just released a brand-new edition of the New Believer’s Bible through Tyndale House Publishing.

But you may not know that this Bible has reached more people than any project in the history of Harvest Ministries. With over 10 million copies sold, and over half a million given away at the Harvest Crusades, the impact of this Bible is staggering.

Now with completely rewritten notes, it’s the premier tool to guide believers through the precious gift God has given us—His Word!

We have loved to hear how the New Believer’s Bible has impacted lives all over the world. Here’s what readers have said over the years:

“Just wanted you to know, I was saved by the Lord after an introduction to Him at a Harvest Crusade. That was almost 13 years ago. I still have the New Believer’s Bible that was handed out . . . . God bless you and your ministry.” —Debbie

“I still have mine from the early ‘90s when you did a crusade in Eugene! It’s worn and torn but I love it!!!! That New Believer’s Bible really helped disciple/teach me things I never was taught growing up in a non-Christian family.” —Ann

“Got mine two Sundays ago when I rededicated myself to Jesus! I love this Bible—so easy to read and understand.” —Stacey

“While attending the Harvest Crusade . . . I gave my soul, gratitude, heart, and life to Christ . . . . The New Believer’s Bible I received is very tattered. I bring it to school with me, I read it during class, my breaks, my lunch hour, even when I come home. In the past month, I have already gotten through Matthew, Mark, and Luke.” —A. H.

Thanks to our Harvest Partners for helping us get God’s Word into the hands of new believers. We look forward to more changed lives.

Has the New Believer’s Bible played a part in your story?

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