Harvest Crusade 2024 – Prayers

Let’s pray together for the Harvest Crusade!

Looking for God to move at the Harvest Crusade? Hoping for friends and loved ones to come to Christ? Submit your prayer requests through the form.

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Healing Prayers for Our Mom’s Health

Prayer for Our Mom's Health

I want to be the husband and father that God wants me to be to be. I want a happy marriage and family. I need God in me to change me so I can be the man He wants me to be.

Prayer for Paul Tucker

Prayers for family who may have gone astray and need to renew their commitment to Jesus. Prayers for those attending the crusade that they will renew their commitment or will dedicate their lives to Jesus!

Prayer for Family and those who need Jesus

Lord Jesus, please help Peggy and Padraig (Paddy). Help Peggy to heal from the trama and abuse that she’s suffered from for decades. Help her to strengthen and renew her faith in you lord Jesus.lord please help Padraig to turn away from drugs, crime, and violence and help him with his mental illness issues and heal him. Help them both lord Jesus.in your mighty name, amen.

Prayer for Praying to help people I care about who are in serious trouble

I’m having a hysterectomy soon I need a pray for a good surgery and fast recovery and that the cancer cells are gone

Prayer for Seirra Schlenker

For Leslie to go to the Harvest crusade this year.

Prayer for Leslie

Pray that Nicolas would come to a saving knowledge of Christ.

Prayer for Nicolas

Healing Prayers for Our Mom’s Health needs healing Prayers and Prayers for My Family too.. Prayers for The Harvest Crusade that hearts would be changed for the good reasons.. WWJD movement..

Prayer for Prayers for Our Mom's Health and Prayers for My Family too.. Psalms103:1-6 and Proverbs 3:5


Prayer for Erin

My husband needs to know that God exists and is in any part of our lives. For my sister fighting breast cancer, my other sister for starting over again, for my brothers facing difficulties in their life and family, for my mom for the diabetes and the rhumatismes she has.

Prayer for My Husband, my children, my siblings, my parents, for the Church.,


Prayer for Kevin fitzwater

A humble, repentant heart that finally submits to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Prayer for Vince

His health

Prayer for Bruce

Her health

Prayer for Lorraine

For her health

Prayer for Julia


Prayer for My neighbors (Steph, Nicole, and Kris)

Please pray for CCMV as we are going through a hard season as a church family. Spiritual Formation may split our church.

Prayer for Pastor Brian Dagan and Jill Dagan

For Joshua to seek God with all of his heart, mind, strength and love out loud for Jesus with a new and fresh annointing from the Holy Spirit and that Jesus would heal his cysts. Pray for my husband Steve Owens right arm and right eye to heal as he had been in pain and to stop smoking and totally be filled with the power of the Holy Spirit to believe in miracles.

Prayer for Joshua Owens

For her health

Prayer for Fatima

For his health

Prayer for Danny

They were involved an accident and we ask for healing prayers to be able to over come this life changing left.

Prayer for EDTHER AND Dominic Ocampo

I have had some major health issues the past few years. Please pray for healing of my body and mind

Prayer for Becky

Heavenly Father, please open Keith’s eyes and heart to see you and respond to your invitation to surrender his life to you. Please convict him of his sin and bring him to salvation in Jesus. We pray he will accept your offer of forgiveness and become a faithful servant as he comes to know you better. Thank you. We love you with a supreme and all-controlling love. In Jesus’ name, Amen

Prayer for Keith Wilson

Please pray for God to intervene and end this difficult situation I’m currently facing. Thank you.

Prayer for Alisha Anaya

Pray that Leslie will decide to go to the harvest crusade this year.

Prayer for Leslie Hunt

We have a special request for our business and our ministry. My husband and I have a marriage ministry. Please help us pray for God’s provision, protection and clear pathway for our vision (which we believe is God’s vision) for us to progress. Praying for many to be saved during the crusade.

Prayer for Carla

Salvation!!! Tysm! Thank you God in advance!

Prayer for Rob & Ryan

Please pray for my son Joseph. He experiences anxiety and depression. I pray the Lord heals him and opens his heart to attend the crusade.

Prayer for Joseph Garcia

Dear lord please help us and keep up happy through tough times and times of uncertainty lord. I thank you for your love and life .

In Jesus name we pray amen

Prayer for My family

I want to lift my husband that is in jail for his court case to get dismissed and his salvation

Prayer for Freddy Rodriguez