Bring the gospel to millions!

SoCal Harvest is this weekend!

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Mark your calendars to join in the celebration of 30 years of SoCal Harvest! We will be returning to bring the gospel message on August 23-25 at Angel Stadium.

Get your church involved!

SoCal Harvest is a great opportunity for your congregation to develop a deeper passion for evangelism, discipleship, and service. They’ll have opportunities for spiritual growth and to use their gifts to:

  • Invite. Everyone is encouraged to bring their friends, family, and neighbors to come to the outreach and hear the gospel.
  • Serve. Committed volunteers are needed at the event to serve as ushers, decision follow-up workers, prayer room warriors, or on the security team.
  • Disciple. After the event, help will be needed at your church to welcome and disciple new believers who made professions of faith at the SoCal Harvest.

Equip your church with:

  • A plan for mobilizing your congregation with support from Harvest staff.
  • Promotional materials for the event (posters, bumper stickers, invitations, videos, and social graphics).
  • Opportunities to welcome those who made a profession of faith at the SoCal Harvest to your church, and access to Harvest’s discipleship resources and support.
  • A network of local churches to impact your community with the proclamation of the gospel.
  • More information on volunteer opportunities.

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