Win or Learn, There Is No Lose

by Jonathan Laurie on May 8, 2022

Today, on Harvest at Home, Pastor Jonathan Laurie shares a message titled “Win or Learn, There Is No Lose” at our Sunday Morning Service for Harvest at Home. 

Sermon Notes

Life is full of change, transition, growth, obstacles, and adaptation. And although these uncomfortable events may appear impossible to conquer, we can rest in the hope that Jesus has conquered the world.


1. Paul the counselor

  • None of the trials Paul encountered were enough to keep him from humbly and lovingly sharing what was best for him and his shipmates. 

2. Paul the encourager 

  • Paul starts this journey off as a prisoner and he ends it as the
  • captain.
  • Warren Wiersbe said “A crisis does not make a person; a crisis
  • shows what a person is made of, and it tends to bring true
  • leadership to the fore.”
  • Paul encouraged them and he built a bridge, earning their trust
  • and respect.
  • Paul saw the inconveniences and storms as an opportunity to
  • bring others closer to God.

3. Paul the helper

  • After saving the lives of everyone on the ship, we see Paul helping. Gathering wood for the fire, helping tend to it.

4. Paul the preacher

  • When we face difficulties and hardships and different things in our lives we, like Paul, are faced with that choice: to become better or bitter, to sow to the flesh, or to sow to the Spirit. 


  • James 1:2–4 
  • 2 Timothy 4:7–8 
  • 2 Chronicles 7:14 
  • John 16:33
  • Acts 27
  • Acts 28

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