What Happens When Christians Pray Together

by Greg Laurie on Jan 16, 2022

Today, on Harvest At Home, Pastor Greg Laurie will be continuing in our Acts series with his message titled “What Happens When Christians Pray Together.”

Sermon Notes

There is a right and wrong way to pray. We can imitate the model of the early Church shown in Acts 12. While Peter waited in prison, the Christians unleashed their secret weapon. They prayed continually for him. There is power in united prayer when it is offered to God with passion and persistence.


1. The prayer that has power is the one that is offered to God. 

  • The key is to get our will in alignment with God’s will.
  • We can know the will of God by careful study of Scripture.
  • Nothing lies outside the reach of prayer except that which lies outside the will of God.

2. They prayed with passion and persistence.

  • Sometimes God says “Go.” 
  • Sometimes God says “Slow.” 
  • Sometimes God says “Grow.” 

3. They prayed together.

  • There is power in united prayer.
  • Prayer is striking the winning blow; service is gathering up the results. 

4. They prayed doubtingly.

  • We enter into eternity! 
  • We decide in this life where we will spend the afterlife.


    • Acts 12:117 
    • Acts 12:15 
    • Matthew 15:8 
    • Acts 12:611 
    • Psalm 4:8 
    • Psalm 127:2 

Did you pray with Pastor Greg?

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