Virtue: Relentless Grace – Session 14 with Cami Huffman

by Cami Huffman on Mar 27, 2019

Sermon Notes

In a message given at Harvest Christian Fellowship, Cami Huffman preaches to the Women’s Virtue Ministry out of Romans chapter 12. Paul speaks to us about offering our lives back to God as a living sacrifice. Paul calls this our reasonable service, as a Christen serving Christ. Paul breaks down how we as believers are supposed to live in our community both with non-believers and believers.


What we believe will determine how we behave

  • Be reasonable
  • Live your best life
  • Let love rule

God looks at the heart; we must go about our daily tasks unto the glory of God. Our lives, both pleasure, and work is a ministry. Jesus is always compassionate and available to us, he is lord over our lives and cares for us! We should always be about Gods work!

  • God is looking for hearts that are aligned with his will
  • We don’t have to be flawless
  • We just need to be willing to present our hearts to him

The gifts that God gives all of us, are just that gifts! They are based on his grace and will also give us the opportunity to use them in our lives. These gives are special that God wants us to use to forward his kingdom.

  • God uses these gifts as he desires
  • We should not compare gifts with each other
  • God can use these gifts anywhere!

Don’t let problems and issues consume you! We should give our problems to God and allow him to execute judgment and retribution. We serve God and we should always give everything back to God, it is our reasonable service but also our Joy. Serving God and allowing him to take our problems and cares upon himself will allow us to serve him with greater efficiency.


“I Paul a bondservant of Jesus Christ”


Luke 8:42

Romans 12

2nd Chronicles 16:9

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