V2: Relentless Grace – Lesson 16

by Jason Powell on Apr 17, 2019

Pastor Jason Powell shares a message from Romans 14 titled, “If in Doubt, Go Without”, for session 16 of our, “Romans: Relentless Grace” series.

Sermon Notes

One of the ways in which the Bible describes the relationship between the people of God, is by calling us the body of Christ. Did you know the impact we have on each other as brothers and sisters in Christ? The decisions and liberties we have and make, give us the ability to build up or tear down other believers we are around. What you do matters, the freedoms that you enjoy matter, the liberties that you express matter, the places that you go, the movies that you watch, the music that you listen to, the way that you spend your money.


Your view of your relationship with other Christians will determine whether you live out or lay down your Christian liberties.  This was the largest spiritual awakening in Biblical history

  • Strengthen or Stumble
  • Know God and Show God
  • If in doubt, go without!
  • A body that is connected to each other
  • There for each other
  • Able to assist each other and help each other out
  • Grow in the Lord
  • Walk on their own


  • Romans 14:15
  • Romans 14:19
  • Romans 14:7–8
  • Romans 14 

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