V2: Relentless Grace – Lesson 18

by Tim Harding on May 1, 2019

We finish up our study in the book of Romans. Pastor Tim Harding shares his message on Romans 16 titled “Networking for Unity” for session 18 of our series, “Romans: Relentless Grace.”

Sermon Notes

In this important and relevant message for today Pastor and teacher Tim Harding, shows us that Jesus came to forgive us our sins, and defeat death. However, he came so that we could be united with one another. We need a network around us, we cant spread the Gospel alone, we need the support of others to help guide us.


  • What kind of a friend are you?
  • What does your circle of friends look like?
  • We need to be better friends
  • Paul used networking to change the world
  • We can’t do it alone!
  • We need to be united

To change the world we need to be unity in the gospel of Christ Jesus.


  • Romans 16

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